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'Visual Mishnayos' is a video series that goes through Mishnayos from Maseches Sukkah in a fun and entertaining way. The narration and subtitles teach the actual texts of the Mishnah while the actors demonstrate the Tanoim's teachings.

In addition, matching cards accompany each Mishnah video as a follow-up tool to help review the material. Each card contains the Hebrew texts of the Mishnah, their English translations, and images from the video; and are all appealingly displayed.

Mishnayos Be'al Peh - MBP Codes are also included on the bottom of each card, in the form of Roshei Teivos (acrostics of the Mishnah’s words), to encourage and assist students in memorizing the Mishnah word for word.

'Visual Mishnayos' successfully premiered in Camp Gan Israel Parksville, New York during the summer of 2005, so that every camper could be a part of the Mishnayos Be'al Peh - Cocoa Club program. View the video below of enthusiastic campers learning 'Visual Mishnayos' and to hear their reviews of this program.

Presented below are three samples of the 'Visual Mishanyos' video series: Mishnayos 6, 7 and 9 of Masesches Sukkah Perek 1. The three matching ‘Visual Mishnayos’ cards are available as well, both in the photos and as a PDF file to download and print.

© 2005 | Created by Menachem Benchemon

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