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Color-Coded Text: Clearly identify each question number at a glance and contrast the other nights of the year with the night of Pesach.

Phrasing Pattern: Visualize the repetitive structure of Ma Nishtana with a distinct phrase-by-phrase layout.

Captioned Illustrations: Detailed illustrations make it easy for visual-learners to recite the Ma Nishtana flawlessly. Color coded captions relate to the text.

Explanatory Translation: On back, a linear, color-coded translation and transliteration highlight the literal meaning of the words (in bold) along with supporting explanations.

Arizal Nusach

COVER of Arizal Nusach

INSIDE of Arizal Nusach

BACK of Arizal Nusach

Traditional Nusach

COVER of traditional Nusach

INSIDE of Traditional Nusach

BACK of Traditional Nusach

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